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Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeon, Gregory L. Combs


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Skin Treatments

Rejuvenating treatments with visible results and minimal-to-no down time

About West Linn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Welcome to West Linn Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, where our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Combs, and highly trained medical staff will provide the best quality of care and friendly, personalized attention that will make you feel comfortable and secure in your cosmetic enhancing decisions.

We know that aesthetic and medical excellence are extremely important to our patients and are critical components to their overall experience. All of us at West Linn Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics are dedicated to that complete continuum of care.

With more than 20 years of experience in their respective aesthetic areas, our team of professionals has a track record that attests to long-term patient satisfaction. All our patients receive individual, unhurried and specialized attention in a welcoming setting.

Located in West Linn, Oregon, we are pleased to serve the surrounding communities of Portland and beyond. Whether you are considering surgical, non-invasive treatments or professional skin care, we are here to help guide you toward achieving your goals.

Together, we will make certain that you like what you see in the mirror.