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Need help finding the right products for your skin care regimen or have questions about your current regimen, or even possibly how you can add to it? Certified Advanced Aesthetician Melissa, has years of experience in skin care and  ingredients. She will sit down with you and offer specific advice tailored to YOUR specific skin care needs. She will be able to help you understand why certain products are beneficial to the skin and a necessity in overall skin health.

Bring the products that you use on a regular basis with you and Melissa will provide a 10-minute facial. She will wash, analyze your skin and apply a couple of her “favorites” specifically for your skin type or condition. She will then have you lay out your products, do a product evaluation. Together you will make decisions for “adding to” or “taking away” from your current skin care regimen.  Melissa will help you come up with a new plan of action customized to meet your skin’s needs.

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