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September Newsletter

Loving Ourselves in Our Skin

September News at WLA

There is no better time than the fall to take care of our skin and since September is Skin Care Awareness Month, we want to fill you in on our favorite weapons to combat aging and promote healthier, more vibrant skin. Coming out of this long, hot, and dry summer your skin likely can use a pick-me-up. The sun is the number one reason for premature aging and continues to be the number one cause of wrinkles, brown spots, redness, and worst of all collagen and elastin damage and loss. Often times how we feel on the inside doesn't represent how we look on the outside. More than anything we love helping people like you. Your excitement keeps us loving what we do
and watching the transformation from the inside out. When we look in the mirror and see a less tired and rejuvenated appearance our confidence goes up and our mood

What's the Big Deal about Collagen?

Importance of collagen

Collagen and elastin are the building blocks for the skin. Both have a role in making our skin tight and youthful. These fibers are what holds skin cells together. In our 20s the fibers are nicely organized matrix of fibers (think of it as a tight mesh). As we get into our mid to late 30s the matrix starts to break down as the fibers separate and become more disorganized. The separation and breakdown of these fibers are
what cause our first wrinkles. In addition to the breakdown in skin fibers, the aging body does not have the ability to make more of these fibers. The result is wrinkles, discoloration, and laxity.

5 Tips to slow the aging process!

  1. Sunblock - Using sunblock daily is the number one way to slow the aging process. Sun is the number one reason for the breakdown in collagen/elastin. Apply a great sunblock to your routine daily and reap the benefits down the road to slow down aging.
  2. Supplements - Good for the skin and our bodies to amp up the immune system and prevent free radical damage. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Omega 3s are recommended supplements for a healthy immune system and repair for damaged skin.
  3. Good Nutrition - Eating a diet that is low in processed foods and especially sugar is very important for health on the inside and out. Sugar accelerates the aging process
    during a breakdown process called glycation. Basically a direct target for breaking down our collagen and elastin.
  4. Hydration - Keeping the skin hydrated with lots of good old fashion water is beneficial for all of the cells in the body and this is so true for skin cells. Keeping the cells
    hydrated gives the skin a more vibrant and healthy appearance.
  5. Medical grade skin treatments and home care - Everyone here at WLA are huge fans of medical-grade products and collagen-stimulating treatments like peels, microneedling and laser treatments.

    Product of the Month

    20% off

    TNS Advanced+ has been shown in many scientific studies to remove the old, disorganized collagen and replace it with a healthy matrix of these fibers. Help transform the appearance of your skin with TNS Advanced+ Serum. Its revolutionary formula is clinically proven to provide visible results in as little as 2 weeks.

    New Treatment at WLA

    What is Plasma Pen?

    We are so excited to announce the arrival of the Plasma Pen device. PlasmaMD is an innovative, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening, and rejuvenating device designed to combat wrinkles, loss of collagen, and sagging skin. PlasmaMD is FDA approved and can be used in a variety of procedures to potentially enhance aging skin. PlasmaMD treatment is used to enhance skin around the eyes, cheeks, forehead and lips, and neck. 20% off any area during the month of September!!