Let’s Talk Lips: Lip Augmentation in West Linn, Oregon

Let’s Talk Lips

Lip fillers. Every celebrity has them: Jeffree Star, Kylie Jenner, Dove Cameron, to name a few. But what are they, exactly, and why does everyone want them? Well, you came to the right place because today, I’m going to answer a few FAQ’s about lip fillers and help you decide if they are the right thing for you.

Let’s ask the first question.

What are lip fillers?

Lip augmentation, or “fillers”, is a medical procedure where a licensed aesthetician uses a syringe to inject just below the skin of your lips to targeted areas, specific amounts of an injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler like JUVÉDERM® or Restylane® Silk, two materials that discreetly redefine and reshape lips. But this raises another question:

Why do people want lip fillers?

The simple answer to this is because they want to look their best. You see, our lips are moistened with a naturally-produced sugar called hyaluronic acid. As we age, our lips begin to lose that acid, dry out, and form many a type of wrinkles. It loses its elasticity. If you want your lips to be as full and as radiant as they can be, for as long as they will hold shape, getting lip augmentation with West Linn Aesthetics is the answer. Lip injections help elongate the lifespan of the structure of your lips. Why have sad, wrinkly lips when your lips could look and feel like they did when you were 20?

How much do lip fillers cost?

After figuring out why people want lip fillers, now let’s then talk about how much lip fillers cost. Lip injections can range anywhere from $500-1000 USD, depending on where you go. If this is something you really want and you want that youthful appearance once more, schedule a free consultation to find out more about pricing and answer your questions.

Does lip augmentation hurt?

You may experience slight paid from lip injections, but only initially. We numb the area first so as to avoid much discomfort. This makes it so you don’t feel the needle of the injection getting really deep into your lips, nor do you feel the JUVÉDERM® filling your lips out. You will walk away feeling a bit swollen, but that is normal. Your skin adjusting to its new shape after a day or so. After a short while, the numbing medicine will wear off. Once it does, you will have these beautiful, full lips like you have always dreamed!

Do lip fillers ever go away?

Lip fillers are not permanent. It’s not uncommon for clients to go back to their aesthetician after several months to get their fillers redone. Perhaps you decide after some time that you don’t like the look of lip fillers, or you decide they’re too expensive to keep up with. We can help you get rid of the injections by inserting another fluid that dissolves your JUVÉDERM®. An injection to get rid of the injection. Kind of weird, right? But hey, sometimes you decide it’s not for the long run and that’s okay. Call us at West Linn Aesthetics and schedule an appointment so we can help you out. That’s what we are here for!

So to recap: you’ve decided that you want lip augmentation and maybe you have a few hundred dollars to get some minor cosmetic surgery. We’ve discussed the pain and the effects of what happens, as well as what to do if there is an issue. Congratulations! You’re on your way to a bright, beautiful face. The final step is finding the right esthetician for you!

Where do I go to have lip fillers done?

Where you go will vary based on your location, your price range, reviews, and what you want done. If you live near Portland, Oregon, your best bet is here at West Linn Aesthetics on Willamette Falls Drive in West Linn, Oregon. We have dozens of services and can get you settled with the right person that cares for you deeply. If you need more options, we have services for lashes, facials, skin tone, and more.

I hope I was informative and helpful enough that you have a goal in mind and you’re ready to take your next step. Still unsure? Give West Linn Aesthetics a call at 503-723-9425 and get a complimentary consultation today.

The future of your face is in your hands.

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