Oh My Oh My, My Face Is Dry!

November is the time to think about hydrating your dehydrated skin

The beginning of the holiday season is fast approaching. This November we are featuring the benefits of hydrating your skin with both custom facials and HydraFacials. Did you know customized facials are one of the best ways to hydrate your skin? You have spent the summer in the heat and sun enjoying the great outdoors, unfortunately your skin is silently being punished from all that fun. Your cells that were plump and filled with water along with fabulous, natural hyaluronic acids, are now depleted and need to be filled back up.

Facials are a perfect way to replenish the skin. The products used during a facial treatment are customized to your skin. Not all skin is alike therefore not all facials are alike. For a luxurious 75 minutes in Victoria’s hands you will get steam, enzyme treatments that exfoliate, masks for skin tightening and hydration, finishing up with professional grade skin products that are packed with anti-oxidants and hydration for your skin. Lymphatic drainage is also incorporated to minimize puffiness and remove toxins and impurities from the skin. Treat yourself this November with Victoria’s “slice of heaven” facial. Look amazing for all those holiday events. Buy a package of 3 facials and get the 4th one free, savings of $150, plus a gift with package purchase. 

For those of you busy, restless types with no time for 75 minutes, another great hydrating option is Hollywood’s favorite red-carpet treatment, the HydraFacial. Come on your lunch break and return to work with glowing skin. There are several skin boosters to address specific skin concerns using growth factors, hyaluronic acid and retinols to amp up the treatment significantly. You will also receive 20-minute LED anti-aging light treatment with any Deluxe HydraFacial. Buy any 3 get the 4th one free, a savings of $200-275, plus receive a gift with purchase valued at $100.

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