ArqueDerma® Artistic Restoration Lift®

The ArqueDerma® technique is an innovative and cost effective new treatment utilizing injectable fillers in a new way. It involves using a precise new technique that targets specific areas to not only lift, but build collagen over time. We use the dermal fillers you know in this process, but rather than simply adding volume, we assess your particular facial structure to inject the filler using a new method which gives you the natural results you want to see when you look in the mirror. The ArqueDerma® technique was created by Leslie Fletcher, RN, MEP-C and is based on a Latin name that combines the concept of injections with creating a support system for the skin. Our expert injector, Jerilyn Hanson, RDH, MBA, Certified Advanced Injector, has been fully trained in this new technique and getting rave reviews!

What is Special About the ArqueDerma® Technique?

This technique stands out from other methods because it offers you results that are more dramatic than other techniques. You will also have a more natural look.

Before delivering injections with the ArqueDerma® technique, our expert will begin by making an assessment of your face. The goal is to identify areas of concern, such as areas where hollows have been created and your skin is drooping. The next step is to arrange any parts of your face that have begun to droop in a more youthful position, using your dermal injections to provide you with the support structure you need beneath the surface of the skin.

In essence, your facial skin will be lifted back to the position it held in your youth. The main goal is to take what you have and restore it through the strategic placement of dermal fillers. The ArqueDerma® technique can give you the results that you are looking for when you opt for injectable fillers.

Why Choose the ArqueDerma® Technique?

The ArqueDerma® technique is ideal if you want to recapture your youth, but don’t want to undergo surgery. This method tends to use fewer injections than other techniques, giving you a more effective treatment. When your visit is done, you will be able to see the results when you look at your reflection. So whether you are in your 40s, 50s, or 0s, you’ll see less drooping, more volume and smoother facial lines.

Depending on the dermal fillers that you choose, you may even help your own body to take over as the production of collagen increases. When your skin becomes more elastic, it will take you back to your younger years. The ArqueDerma® technique will give you satisfying results that will lift your spirits each time you see your rejuvenated appearance. You might not be able to stop time, but you can look like you turned back the clock thanks to this innovative treatment.

Please remember each patient is different and individual results may vary.

Learn More About the ArqueDerma® Technique

If you have been seriously considering dermal fillers, make an appointment to talk to our team at West Linn Aesthetics about the ArqueDerma® technique and what a difference it can make for you. When you come in for your consultation at our office in West Linn, our expert can review your health history to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. Ask about the ArqueDerma® technique to see a true transformation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.