What’s different about ArqueDerma®?

ArqueDerma® is a relatively new treatment that goes beyond filling, and West Linn Aesthetics is one of the only locations in the Portland, Oregon area to offer it. ArqueDerma® is a way to strategically lift and add volume to the areas of the face that are affected by aging. Over time, the facial muscles start to move down the face. As a way to essentially “re-secure” the muscles to their earlier position, our expert injector, Jerilyn Hanson utilizes the ArqueDerma® technique with Juvederm®, a dermal filler that contains collagen building hyaluronic acid.  ArqueDerma®  is method which requires special training to learn, and must be administered by a certified expert injector with an artistic eye. It will last Check out some of our before and after photos and read more about ArqueDerma® here. Yes, this technique will turn back time, and it will last for a year or more. Please contact us to schedule this treatment, or schedule online.

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