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Winter Skin Care Tips in West Linn

How We’re Solving Winter Skin Problems

woman smiling in the snow after solving winter skin problems near Portland

Once the temperature drops, it’s all you can do to keep your skin moisturized enough to stop itching, let alone to keep it healthy. Are you tired of fighting a losing battle against winter skin problems? Fret no more, we’ve got the best winter skin care tips. In West Linn, our clients are a mile ahead of that dry winter air thanks to the amazing treatments and products we offer!

Get a look at how we help our clients manage winter skin care at home, PLUS learn how we can improve skin complexion fast for those holiday parties! Want to skip ahead? Check out our virtual consultation tool for personalized information based on your specific aesthetic concerns, or book your in-person consultation.

Want to know more about us? Find answers to our most frequently asked med spa questions.

So, why does skin get dry in winter?

It happens every year. Maybe it starts with dry skin on your hands catching on your nice, soft blanket. Or trying to get every single inch of your skin slathered in lotion just to get comfortable. It could be dry, cracked lips. However it shows up, that specter of cold weather finds us all. 

Your skin gets dry in the winter because there’s far less humidity in the air compared to warm weather. When cold, air molecules get small and dense; there’s no room for water and it pushes the moisture out. 

Think about a cold can of soda sweating in a warm room; the cold drink cools the air around it and the moisture that was in the air collects on the outside of the can. Less moisture in the air around you means less moisture in everything—your skin included. 

Winter skin care tips from the pros

The best winter skin starts at home with medical-grade skincare products and a great routine. One important thing to remember during winter is not to stop your sunscreen use! Just like warm weather, you want to protect your skin from UV rays first and foremost. Blocking harmful UV rays is the basis of every single healthy skin routine. 

For winter time sunscreen, we love SkinMedica’s Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34. This gives your thirsty skin the protection it needs from dangerous UV light, and it’s packed with beneficial ingredients. While guarding you from UV rays, it also works over time to improve your skin’s overall appearance and tone. 

Products to nourish dry winter skin

The winter skin experts at West Linn Aesthetics know what your skin needs to stay moisturized, hydrated, and glowing throughout the entire cold season. You want the best ingredients, and we’ve curated the best winter skincare formulas.

While the delicate, exposed skin of your face needs extra special care during cold weather, don’t neglect your body! Dry skin on your body might be easy to ignore in your layers of warm clothes—until it starts to itch. Is there anything worse than the tight, raw feeling of itchy dry skin on your legs, back, and arms? Fight back with products like SkinMedica Firm & Tone Lotion for the body. It’s jam packed with ingredients designed to plump your skin with the moisture and hydration it needs. 

Treatments for gorgeous winter skin

When you’re ready to show off a healthy glow at all of your holiday parties, we’ve got treatments that will take your winter skincare routine to the next level. If you’re wondering how to improve your skin complexion fast, we have a couple of different facials that go far beyond what you would expect from a traditional day spa facial.

For better looking skin in a snap, you can’t go wrong with either a HydraFacial or a DiamondGlow facial. You can learn more about these below, or go ahead and get started by booking your consultation

Say “bye” to dry with a HydraFacial

HydraFacials are a hugely popular treatment because they are a fast and refreshing way to immediately improve your skin complexion. The HydraFacial wand works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells.

The specifics of your HydraFacial are customized to your unique needs after a thorough consultation with one of our skin experts. A HydraFacial includes 4 key steps:

  • Cleansing
    • We thoroughly cleanse your skin and open the pores with intense hydration to wash away impurities.
  • Exfoliation
    • To improve the tone and texture of your skin, we’ll apply the best HydraFacial MD serum for your needs.
  • Extraction
    • The special vortex-extraction vacuum nozzle pulls dirt, blackheads, blemishes, and excess oil from deep in your pores.
  • Infusion
    • Now that your skin is fully cleansed and your pores are open, we infuse it with a peptide-rich serum. Using the vortex-infusion nozzle, we can deliver the most rejuvenating and nourishing ingredients for long-lasting hydration. The infusion process packs your skin with everything it needs to stay hydrated and happy in the dry winter air. 
woman relaxes while receiving a hydrafacial in west linn

Benefits of a HydraFacial

A HydraFacial provides your skin with a gentle cleansing and rejuvenating experience with no pain during or after the treatment. This treatment is a great option to treat dry skin in the winter because it deeply nourishes your skin for results that last, especially when supported by your routine at home! 

What to expect after your HydraFacial

The real fun starts after you’ve relaxed through the facial itself. With immediate results, you can go throughout the rest of your day feeling fresh and bright. The best part is you’ll enjoy progressive results that keep improving and last for weeks!

Immediately after your treatment

If needed, you may reapply makeup following your treatment to reduce mild redness before you resume your daily activities. Most of our clients have no side-effects at all, but if you do experience a slight redness or tightness, it’ll disappear in a couple of hours. 


You will likely have visible improvements to your complexion immediately after your procedure, with full results visible in 3 to 7 days.

Dazzle them with DiamondGlow

DiamondGlow is a facial treatment that resurfaces and refreshes skin using a series of patented diamond-tip applicators that exfoliate, extract, and infuse targeted serums. We customize the treatment to your skin’s specific needs. The serums we use with the DiamondGlow are from the SkinMedica Pro-Infusion series. Each of these quality serums is sulfate/sulfite free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. 

The pneumatic vacuum in the applicator gives exfoliation and extraction to the point of gentle skin resurfacing. This allows for the serums to penetrate deeper into your skin for greater results!

Great DiamondGlow serums for dry winter skin

The SkinMedica Ultra Hydrating serum gives your skin a major infusion of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body; its main purpose is water retention so your skin stays hydrated. It also boosts the regeneration process of your tissues, relieving inflammation and improving healing.

The Vitamin C Serum from SkinMedica rejuvenates and protects skin with a deep dose of antioxidants. Vitamin C is amazing for anti-aging and leaves skin with a brighter, more radiant appearance. With regular use, this serum can result in a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

When it comes to bright skin, the SkinMedica Skin Brightening serum delivers. The patented Lumixyl® peptide brightens and improves the appearance of uneven pigmentation. This revolutionary technology is non-toxic and non-irritating. 

What happens during a DiamondGlow treatment?

The DiamondGlow facial combines 3 crucial facial steps—exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. This powerful combo is your absolute bestie when it comes to making your winter skin problems disappear.  

The vacuum-powered diamond tip buffs away old, dead skin cells, removes dirt and oil from pores, and applies serum. DiamondGlow is unique in that it combines these in one simultaneous step! 

We’ll pick the best diamond tip for your skin type and concerns, and use a unique handpiece to power the pneumatic suction and extract all the dirt and gunk trapped in your pores. At the same time, the tip physically exfoliates away dead skin cells so they can be pulled away by the suction, too.

While the diamond tip is buffing and the suction is clearing away the dead skin, those freshly opened pores get flooded with nourishing serum via the handpiece. This gives you the deepest possible infusion of the medical-grade ingredients and maximum effectiveness.

Visit West Linn Aesthetics for your best winter skin

When you come to West Linn Aesthetics, you can expect to be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are proud to be your go-to for winter skin care tips in West Linn. As Diamond-level Allergan injectors, our experts deliver the high-quality aesthetic care you deserve, with friendly service personalized to your unique needs and goals. 

With our convenient medical spa near Portland, we treat patients from across the Portland metropolitan area and beyond, offering the most popular med spa treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, facials, peels, hair removal, plus medical-grade skincare products and more.

If you’re ready to get started, book a complimentary skin consultation! Our consultations include taking pictures and going over treatment options for your particular skin concerns. We will write out your quote and give you a folder with brochures on the procedures we recommend. We can’t wait to meet you, and help you on your journey to your best you!

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